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Our approach is evidence-based, experience-based, and metrics-based. We have compiled several tools that will help you:

  • Determine where to first introduce SMAs for initial success
  • Implement SMAs step-by-step in a flexible, yet process-oriented progression
  • Evaluate areas of improvement and success
  • Continually support your physicians and teams before, during, and after the first SMA

Cost Benefit Assessment

Our value assessment tool is based upon sixteen criteria related to the patients, staff and overall organization. These criteria have an important influence on starting an effective shared medical appointment. We will go through the value assessment tool with you to jointly identify where to first introduce SMAs in order to ensure initial success. Do you want a glimpse of what success can mean? Start calculating on our value calculator!

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Implementation Plan

In 90 days, we will help you bring shared medical appointments from concept to reality. Our experts will be involved each step of the way to help ensure success.

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Evaluation Plan & Success Metrics

We will help you evaluate the impact of SMAs on several influential metrics. We will also provide you with comparative data reports and analysis related to SMAs, highlighting best practices across our client base. These metrics will be used to identify where you will be able to improve your performance.

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Provider Community

Providers unite! Our provider community will give SMA doctors and facilitators a place to ask questions, share ideas, and get information from others also conducting SMAs in their practice.

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Patient Mobile App

Imagine if there was a way for patients to stay engaged in their care before, during and between appointments? There will be! Our patient mobile app will give patients support, information, and tools to improve their engagement, self-management skills, and health.

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Ongoing Support

We will provide ongoing support to ensure that the SMAs stay on track and continue to succeed. With Cambria’s support, any problems that occur will be addressed quickly and effectively.

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