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90 Day Implementation Plan

We are process-oriented, but not process-fixated. We have a structured process, but we know that we must also allow for the flexibility that we know your organization will need. Our experts will take you through each step needed to start your SMAs off right.

Our 90-day implementation program includes:

  • Structured, yet flexible, process based on research and experience
  • Physician, facilitator and other staff training
  • Documentation for privacy policies and patient documents
  • Internal and external marketing assistance
  • Mock shared medical appointments
  • Data collection protocols
  • Documentation guidelines and standards
  • Follow-up services to help ensure your continued success over time

A comprehensive review of research done on group visits found the following (Jaber, R., Brakesmajer, A., & Trilling, J. (2006):

  • Most studies identified that patient satisfaction improved
  • Quality of care improved in all studies that measured this outcome
  • Physician satisfaction was high in all studies that measured this outcome

There are many benefits of running SMAs. Our process is both evidence and experience based, and will help you implement SMAs right – the first time.