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Cost-Benefit Assessment

Research has shown that using shared medical appointments can allow a practice to see more patients in the same amount of time, with resulting benefits in patient access and economic performance.  In order to accomplish this, it is important to know where to start.  We will help you identify which physicians, departments, and patients are most likely to find success with this model.

Our value assessment tool (VAT) is based upon sixteen criteria related to the patients, staff and overall organization.  These criteria strongly influence the effectiveness of new shared medical appointments.  We will go through the VAT with you to identify where to first introduce shared medical appointments within your organization to ensure initial success. 

To start, you may want to try some calculations yourself.  In five minutes, you can determine if shared medical appointments may be right for your organization.

Get Started Calculating

Cost Benefit Assessment Calculator


Number of different shared medical appointments started
Weekly (4), monthly (1), twice a week (8), daily (20)
Low of 8 to high of 14
15 minutes for follow-up, 20 minutes for new is typical
20% to 30% typical for regular primary care


Financial Benefits:

Increased MD productivity
Increased revenue
Increased contribution/profit

Access Benefits:

Additional visits/day of SMA
Days to 3rd next available appointment
Improvement in appointment backlog

Other Expected Benefits:

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