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Evaluation Plan & Comparative Metrics

Cambria Health will work with you to gauge the success of your initial shared medical appointments through an evaluation plan and metrics.

Evaluation Plan

Cambria Health is collaborating with an expert team from UCSD Medical Center to offer an Evaluation Plan for shared medical appointments.  The Evaluation Plan will identify, measure and quantify the net benefits of the introduction of specific shared medical appointments at your organization.

These benefits are assessed using service theory as applied to patient expectations, patient preparation, health team cohesion and clinic workflow.  Through the use of scientifically valid instruments, the Evaluation Plan will measure the impact of SMAs on:

  • Patient satisfaction
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Patient adherence
  • Patient access to care
  • Clinic workflow
  • Economic parameters such as revenues, costs and staffing

The analysis will cover the three to six month period subsequent to the launch of each of the initial SMAs at your organization.  The final product will include the following:

  • Executive summary
  • Report describing the findings and methodology for each benefit area
  • Recommendations for improvement in performance
  • Template for how to replicate the analysis for future periods
  • PowerPoint presentation delivered either via webinar or in person based on your organization’s preference.

Daniel Bouland, MD and John Fontanesi, PhD from UCSD Medical Center will be the lead consultants for the implementation of the Evaluation Plan.  Their backgrounds are described below.

Daniel L. Bouland, MD, MS, FACP

Dr. Dan BoulandDaniel L. Bouland, MD, MS, FACP, brings a wealth of clinical, administrative, and academic medicine experience encompassing private, state, and federal sectors.  He currently holds the academic rank of Health Sciences Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of California San Diego (UCSD) along with the titles Vice-Chair Clinical Operations, Department of Medicine and Director of Evaluation, UCSD Clinical and Translational Research Institute.

Dr. Bouland graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine with Alpha Omega Alpha honors and completed an internal medicine residency at the same institution.  A master’s degree in health care management was earned from Harvard University School of Public Health.  Board certifications are held in internal medicine, geriatric medicine, and managed care medicine.  Dr. Bouland and his core group of pertinent professionals have pioneered the adaptation of the balanced scorecard (BSC) and data envelopment analysis (DEA) to the UCSD academic clinical and research environments.  The applications of these tools have revolutionized the evaluative process as well as provided a framework for strategic planning.  The innovations have spawned multiple publications.

Download Dr. Bouland's full bio here.

John Fontanesi, PhD

Dr. Fontanesi is a Professor in the School of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego.  He has appointments in the Department of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine and the Department of Pediatrics. He is also Director, Center for Management Science in Health which is the only Operational research unit housed in a School of Medicine in the United States.

Dr. Fontanesi is a recognized expert in operational research in health care and serves on a number of national committees for managed care, public health, and the federal government. He is the Principle Investigator for a number of studies examining the operational conditions and organizational structures that facilitate or constrain organizational effectiveness in providing quality care. Recent studies include workflow analysis, simulation and emergency department re-design, optimized scheduling in ambulatory specialty care clinics, the logistical and fiscal requirements of alternative delivery sites for influenza vaccinations and school-based/pharmacist-administered influenza vaccination programs, improving patient compliance through work re-design and restructuring the role and relationships between the Vaccines for Children field staff and Providers.

Download Dr. Fontanesi's full bio here.

Comparative Metrics

We will also provide you with comparative data reports and analysis. These metrics will be used to identify where you will be able to improve your performance. The metrics will be based on information shared with us by you and our other clients.

The metrics will cover:

  • Finances
  • Quality and Satisfaction
  • Operations

This information will be blinded and appropriately adjusted so that it can be shared across clients.