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Common Challenges

Momentum is building for wider adoption of shared medical appointments.  This innovative idea has clear benefits to all stakeholders when done correctly and effectively.

The challenge is in:

  • The selection of the best patient population and approach
  • The precise execution so as to avoid common mistakes

Shared medical appointments fail when:

  • Their benefits are not clearly communicated to providers and patients
  • Sufficient census is not achieved
  • The SMA team does not have the correct skills, training, or composition
  • Certain key operational tenets are not followed and/or measured
  • Too much customization to the model

Cambria Health will help you address each of these issues throughout the 90-day implementation.  The interactions before, during and after the SMA create the entire patient experience.  All of these affect whether someone is willing to try a SMA and what their perception is when they do.